Welcome to MYPALEOISHLIFE! So I get asked all of the time, “What is mypaleoishlife? And, what the hell does Paleoish even mean? Well…. let me tell you. 


Short answer,


Paleoish is a term that means you follow Paleo for the most part and will indulge here and there.  It’s the understanding that you aren't perfect and are fine with not being 100% Paleo. Also, its allowing you to work non Paleo foods back into your diet that don't affect you in a negative way.  I’ve worked white rice, certain cheeses, and yogurt back into my food bank and still feel great.


MYPALEOISHLIFE is a blog I started to help share my Paleoish journey and my recipes of what i cook up on a weekly basis.  I am also not afraid to show you my non paleo side and i have a goal that i will always try to turn my cheat meal eats into paleo friendly dishes.  I want to show people that eating paleo can still taste delicious.  A lot of people feel that you cant eat much on Paleo which is far from being true. I'm also trying to spread the message that MYPALEOishlife might be different than yours.  you are allowed to do whats best for you and not feel guilty for it.


If you want the long answer and a little background of who i even am, continue to read on!




First lets rewind a bit.


my name is Dave and i like to think that i have been a foodie since birth. I love food so much and have always had a passion for cooking. I have been cooking since the age of 7 and its always been a love of mine still to this day.  


I always ate pretty healthy growing up but would enjoy your typical junk foods often.  Unfortunately, I have a strong pizza love affair and love me some crispy greasy foods dipped in ranch!  In college, I would eat what i wanted and would have plenty of late night meals filled with a heavy liquid beer regime. I started to develop the “Yolo” motto in life and began to say I'm going to eat what i want when i want it because why not.  Flavor was number 1 in my eye.


Shortly after college, the motto changed a bit because i no longer could get away with crushing a whole pizza and 12 pack without gaining some weight.  I began to try your typical calorie counting diets and would keep close eyes on portions and would limit myself to one cheat meal a week. I began to get very tired and sluggish through the day and wouldn't really notice any changes while doing this. 


I started to notice that i would get insane cravings and when that cheat day did come around, I would turn into a damn vulture and eat everything in sight! I would oftentimes hit a Wendy's and crush a hefty order of junior bacon cheeseburgerers and of course the spicy chicken mcnugguts with ranch. Alot of the times, the eating of the wendys or other fast food munchies would go down in their parking lot and i dont know about you.... but there is no fatter feeling than stuffing your face with fast food alone in a parking lot.


I would then feel terrible after these cheat meal enconters and i began to get exhausted with calorie counting and trying to keep my portions perfect with whatever the diets rules were saying.

I slowly stopped doing that and started to get back to my college ways with not caring what i was putting in my body.  I began to gain a good amount of weight and felt terrible all of the time.


I finally had the moment where i snapped out of that mind set and knew things had to change. i started to do some research and stumbled upon paleo.  I immediately fell in love with what i was learning because you didn't have to calorie count, or portion control. All you had to do was focus on putting good things into your body.  


I decided to go for it and slowly started to cut out grains and started to read the nutrition labels and keep close eyes on what i was putting into my body.  I began to fall in love with food all over again and cooking.  


After doing this for a few months, i decided to start my first whole 30.  i am very goal oriented and knew i wanted to complete this in full without cheating at all.  it was such an amazing experience and i have never felt better in my whole life when i was doing this.  That was my aha moment that i knew this way of life (not a diet) was for me.  


I remember when i was done with my whole 30, i decided to have my first cheat meal and have some pizza.  I began to work in white rice every now and then and would have a cheat meal here and there.  when those meals would occur, Friends and family would start to hit me with the…. Did a caveman really eat that? Line. Or did they have that in the Prehistoric ERA? This would occur a good amount and i started to feel like i was cheating or failing at Paleo just because i ate a burger or piece of pizza every now and then.  I knew that i was never going to be 100% strict paleo.  I am such a foodie and would never be able to give up those foods for the rest of my life.


I remember talking to a close friend who actually was doing Paleo before me and motivated me to start Paleo.  He was telling me how he would still drink every now and then and would eat non paleo foods in certain situations.  He said that he doesn't let Paleo control his life and still eats what he wants when he wants it and lives his life how he sees fit.  But that he naturally will eat Paleo 90% of the time.  That conversation stuck with me still to this day. 


The minute he said that, the “mypaleoishlife” concept hit me.  Why not focus on my life and stop feeling bad if i had a cheeseburger or a beer. 

 MYPALEOISHLIFE is knowing your body and knowing what foods affect you In a negative way.  But knowing its ok to have non paleo foods when the situation arises.  Everyone is different and this viewpoint allows you to make what you want out of it.  The craziest thing about being Paleoish is that you naturally will gravitate to still eating strict Paleo almost 100% of the time even though you allow yourself to cheat when you want.  You aren't limiting yourself in any way so there are no real reasons for cravings to occur.  A lot of the foods I would go crazy for when i was calorie counting or allowed one cheat meal, i don't even crave that much anymore.  At the end of the day, don't allow people to put you down or feel like you are failing if you aren't perfect paleo all the time.  Do whats right for you and live YOUR life!


Thank you for reading and i hope i was able to give you some nice insight into what mypaleoishlife is WITHOUT boring you to death!

-Dave @mypaleoishlife