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“The yo-yo dieting and second guessing yourself days are over and
it’s time for you to finally start to live your best life!”



I will never forget the day I stepped on the scale and weighed 25 pounds over my usual weight. This was a shock because I never had to worry about my weight before. I always thought I was healthy and life was all gravy. Now I found myself trying every popular diet on the market. Plus I was making these crazy goals and I’d push myself so hard that I would end up giving up on whatever diet I was on at the time. Each time I tried something new to lose weight, I would eventually get back to my junk food eating ways. I started to notice that this pattern was not healthy behavior. I was determined to find something that I could do forever so I didn’t have to continue this yo-yo diet type of lifestyle anymore.  

I remember talking to my brother about how I was serious about making some changes to my diet. He suggested I reach out to his best friend Brandon who was following the Paleo lifestyle and was really liking it.  I sent Brandon a message on 10/04/2015. That date clearly sticks out in my head because that’s when my life changed for the better.  

Brandon told me that he eats Paleo style 90% of the time and now he always feels amazing. He said he would still allow himself non-Paleo foods from time to time, would still drink every now and then and wouldn’t beat himself up about it. He suggested that I try eating strictly Paleo for 30 days because that would allow me to learn what foods my body is sensitive to and how good I could feel when I cut out the crap. Brandon recommended I read The Paleo Diet by Robb Wolf to learn more about eating the Paleo way. I was sold. I read the book and it did such a great job explaining how Paleo is a true lifestyle and the only rules are focusing on eating natural foods. It brought everything back to the basics. I started eating the Paleo way and I really did notice a difference. Incredible results, I finally felt amazing!  

Soon afterward, I decided to do my first Whole 30. I never knew it was even possible to feel that good.  After the Whole 30, I was still doing Paleo but knew I wasn’t going to be perfect. I am such a huge foodie and I knew I was sporting a slight pizza and ranch addiction (BTW, if you haven’t tried that, get on it right now and thank me later). After starting Paleo, whenever I would eat a slice of pizza or have a burger, that’s when my friends would turn into the “Paleo Police”. They’d make sure to call me out whenever I wasn’t eating Paleo 100% of the time. I started to feel like I was cheating on Paleo and felt like I was doing something wrong.

One day, when I was exceptionally frustrated, I had an AHA MOMENT…I realized I’m human and I would have cravings meaning I couldn’t be perfectly Paleo all the time. I also realized I was OK with that. I decided I was going to start an Instagram account called @mypaleoishlife. This would give me a platform to talk about my Paleo journey and not be afraid to share the non-Paleo side of my life as well. I wanted to show people that I am human and not perfect and was perfectly fine with that. After my Instagram account was up and running, the craziest thing started to happen, people would start to reach out and say thank you. A lot of them would say this is how they ate too; they just didn’t know what to call it. There were lots of people who seemed to appreciate the fact that I showed my full lifestyle and wasn’t hiding from it. “Paleoish” allowed me to create a sustainable way of eating to share with the rest of the world.

Fast forward to today and what you’re reading right now. I am so excited to have launched my website, Paleoish.com. The goal of Paleoish is to form a community atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and knows perfection is imperfect.  I hope to show people that baby steps are better than no steps and I hope to help them to stop overthinking it so they can be empowered to create their own balance. This site is designed to inspire you with awesome content that will help you on your Paleoish journey. The yo-yo dieting and second guessing yourself days are over and it’s time for you to finally start living your best life!

Welcome to Paleoish: the Dietless Lifestyle.

Thank you for reading!

David Cohen
Founder of Paleoish