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I’m Cristina! I’ve always been a foodie. My dad’s a butcher and my mom a successful restauranteur. After working the advertising/marketing industry for a while I left corporate America to persue my passion for food and support the family business. I’ve always cooked farm to table/ orgnanic… but didn’t get into food as a means to heal my body until 3 years ago. It all started with a Whole30, then paleo, the autoimmune protocol and lots of tweaking and self experimentation later I’ve found what works for me

Although I always ate pretty healthy, I’ve always been overweight, add to that a few autoimmune issues, and the stress of pregnancy, I was in a bad place when I finally did my first Whole30 and it turned my life and health around.

Now I use my restaurant chef skills and passion for real food to create recipes for others folks to feel great and eat delicious food!


I’m a jack of all diets! I have tried them all and I don’t believe there is one clear cut, superior way of eating. We each have to find what works best for our bodies. I do a low carb paleo/ keto, with an autoimmune paleo twist. I can’t eat nightshades. I don’t do dairy and I avoid nuts, although I do love them.


I’m a left handed and definitely a creative mind. Before cooking and photography became my creative outlet I used to paint. Mostly acrylic on canvas, some mixed media. I loved painting weird little characters.


I have a major sweet tooth, which you can tell by the treats on my blog. While my food intolerances are quite severe, so I choose not to go off plan, I do indulge in the paleo-keto treats like avocado brownies, chewy chocolate chip cookies and dairy free ice cream!


Don’t strive for perfection, the key to a healthy life is sustainability. If you go nuts with the restrictions and are miserable you’ll never stick to it. Change one thing at a time, ease in to it and give yourself grace.


My blog is and all my recipes (over 150+ free recipes) are on the blog, along with articles on keto, paleo, aip, hormone health and more.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook @thecastawaykitchen I’m really active on social media and love connecting with folks.

Don’t forget to check out my new book Made Whole! Releasing July 17th 2018




Please send me 3-5 recipes for go launch including one or a few hi-res images of the food.  Another option is to tell me the names of the recipes on your site that you want to feature and I could pull the information from there.  

I’d rather send you a new recipe for you to share… I have these teriyaki meatballs… it’s a killer sheet pan meal with an easy sauce that’s whole30 compliant. Google isn’t a fan of duplicate content ☺ If you’d want to share a recipe from my blog, say cookies… you can link pictures and ingredient list but then link back to my site for the full recipe…

Something about the same recipe/post on more than one site really messes with SEO ranking.  Let me know if the sheet pan meal sounds good.

Lauren Brown