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After Makenna was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis shortly after graduating from high school in 2013, we took her health into our own hands, using real food, lotsa love and a passion to make sure the healing process was enjoyable and tasty. Our blog was born in early 2015 and nearly 100 posts later we're overwhelmed with the sense of community and warm fuzzy food stories we hear about from followers enjoying the recipes. We are foodies, sports fans, and passionate about family as well as making the journey enjoyable.


Our mother/daughter real food blog is filled with family favorite recipes recreated with a Paleo twist. All recipes are grain free, whole food forward and will bring back some of those warm fuzzy food memories so many folks thought they'd never enjoy again. We love real food and know it can not only heal, but also be an amazing part of family celebrations and help feeling not quite so alone on a healing journey! Paying it forward one recipe at a time!


Paleo’ish & Paleo

FF (Fun Fact):

Michelle - Love to listen to music really loud (preferably country) when I’m driving...alone, or while I’m in the kitchen.

Makenna - I want dogs to be allowed at more places and I want children under 8 to not be.


Michelle - If we’re out to dinner for a special occasion of some kind and crème brûlée is on the menu, it will be ordered and enjoyed...always!!

Makenna - Theo dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I could honestly eat these all day every day, but limit to myself to one packet every few weeks. Honestly takes all my self control.



Michelle - If your health journey allows, work on improving one aspect at a time. Such as, maybe work on improving the fats you cook/bake with. Once that’s accomplished, pick the next goal and go from there. Baby steps are best and help you have mini successes along the way.

Makenna - When starting your food journey it’s easy to think “I can’t eat ANYTHING”. My best advice is to switch that mind frame from the start, and to think of all the new things you get to try! As well, if you’re starting as strict Paleo or even Whole30 you have to remember that this is just the start of your journey to find your food freedom. Once you figure out what foods work for your health, things can only get better!



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