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Hi! My name is Lauren & I am the girl behind the Instagram account @laus_healthy_life! I am currently studying naturopathic medicine in Toronto.  I have always been so passionate about living a healthy and fit lifestyle.  I know how much my life has changed since modifying my diet & becoming aware of what exactly I am putting in my body; so my goal is to help others achieve this as well. I struggle with IBS & attention deficit disorder (ADD).  Using food as medicine is what has helped me get my symptoms under control. Seeing the drastic changes food has had not only on my body, but my overall well-being is what makes me so passionate about the message I am trying to get out.  I create healthy recipes, share my health & wellness tips, as well as all of the different ‘health’ trends I am trying out at the time & what I am getting up to each day!


When getting my undergrad, I went to 4 different universities before finally graduating. I was almost kicked out of one school because my grades we so bad.  This was when I was in the worst of my IBS & ADD.  But when I finally graduated with my science degree, I had a near perfect GPA. I credit this to completely changing my lifestyle.  


I consider myself mostly paleo, but I also don’t restrict myself.  I am completely gluten free & have been for almost 5 years now! I also tend to eat a higher fat & lower carb diet, because this eating style is what allows me to feel my best!


Love me some pizza- or chocolate chip cookies! I love making healthier versions of these! I used to have a crazy sweet tooth, & would binge on sugary treats until I felt sick! I don’t even crave these things anymore now though!


Small changes each day is what will lead to huge changes in the long run. It’s the daily habits that need to be addressed if we are unhappy with something in our life. Changing these habits will change your life. I used to have the “all or nothing” mindset & this never got me to where I wanted to be.  It wasn’t until I made small changes each day & kept practicing them that led me to completely changing the way I live.  I feel so content & happy now that I would never go back to my old ways.






Lauren Brown